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5 способов сделать птицу из бумаги?

Привет-привет, дорогие друзья! Вы уже подготовили бумагу, клей и ножницы? Надеюсь вы не зыбыли наш прошлый урок и прекрасно помните, что, где и как нужно разрезать в наших схемах. Сегодняшний урок будет особенно интересен для детей, потому что мы будем делать птицу из бумаги.

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Как сделать голубя или птицу из одного листа бумаги (оригами).

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Как сделать птичку Оригами?
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Меня зовут Филипп Шую
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Видео инструкция как сделать оригами летящая птица из бумаги своими руками
Это очень простое оригами, в конце получится фигурка похожая на птицу которая летит, для того чтобы его сложить вам нужен квадратный лист бумаги. Для того чтобы сделать голову с клювом для оригами птицы вогните кончик бумаги внутрь, так чтобы немножко выступало, таким образом у вас получится клюв.
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Video instructions on how to make origami flying bird made of paper with his own hands
This is a very simple origami, in the end to get a figure like a bird that flies to its fold you need a square sheet of paper. To make the head with beak to the tip of the origami bird Vaughn paper inside, so little acted, so you'll have a beak.
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Мультик Игра Улитка путешественница круче маши и медведя!
Приятного просмотра!
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5 способ:
HThe Dragon paper airplane in this tutorial is my creation.
Due the shown test flights you can count on the fact that this origami airplane is guaranteed airworthy.
► Used Material:
You have to use any type of European DIN A4 - 80 g/m², 29 cm x 21 cm - that is ordinary office paper used for the printer or copier. The paper should not be heavier or lighter than the given 80 g/m² - experiment if you wish so.
► Guide and tips for folding:
The instructions are shown step by step and important and difficult steps are explained in detail (Activate annotations for explanations!).
I recommend to process all steps mentally before starting to fold. The lines created by the folds have to be used for orientation during folding the next steps. All folds have to be extremely symmetrical! Always smooth the paper to prevent waves.
► Guide and tips for throwing:
You have the most beautiful flight performance on dry and windless days: Unfortunately paper is very susceptible to moisture and powerless against wind.
Just as there are different grips and swings in golf, all paper airplanes must be held and thrown in the right way as well. In general, the best grip position is the center of gravity. Nevertheless, it is important to try different grip positions to get the best result possible.
In order to achieve the desired flight effect, it is necessary that the paper plane is thrown with different intensities (lightly, hard..) and in different angles (often between 30° and 45°).
Only a paper airplane, that is precisely folded and thrown in the correct way, will reach its maximized ability to overcome larger distances.
Safety note:
Throw this paper air plane only when there is nobody in flight range to avoid collisions. ;)
Weekly, I will release new paper airplanes with great designs that fly straight, far and fast. So stay tuned for those in the future if you liked this tutorial. Subscribe of course:
► Overall feedback is highly appreciated to optimize future videos:
Are the instructions clear?
Can you see the folded lines clearly?
Do you like the paper airplane flight performance and design?
Is the folding speed adequate?
Would you like to see more test flights?
What do you wish to see in future tutorials?
and and and.. Ask me! I am waiting right here for your questions!
Please leave comments down below.
I will reply to your questions, comments, concerns and ideas.
Give a thumbs up for the video if you liked it. It helps me a lot.
Hope to see you in my next origami paper airplane tutorial.
Thank you very much for your support in effort to help me.
► Looking for partners to realize following future ideas:
I want to support good music and can offer these to promote in my uploaded tutorials.
My own website about everything that has to do with paper airplanes.
An application for Android and Itunes with instructions about how to make paper airplanes that were created by myself.
I want to publish a book about my best creations with instructions and more about everything that has to do with paper airplanes - in German, English and Turkish language.КАК СДЕЛАТЬ САМОЛЁТ ИЗ БУМАГИ, КОТОРЫЙ ДАЛЕКО ЛЕТИТ? ОРИГАМИ. Paper Planes, Dragon .
Moreover, I want to create few high quality clothing stuff (not fan clothing stuff but for the masses) for males and females. I need designs, an online shop and more.
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